Hi, I'm Danielle

I have one question for you… are you interested in replacing inconsistency with success?  If the answer is yes… please read on!

I’m a Certified Health Coach with a passion for productivity.

After reading all the best habit building books and trying every productivity hack, I’d had enough of having such inconsistent energy and output levels.  This was before I realised the power of aligning to my hormonal cycle and ‘going with the Flo’ 😉

I went from being an all of nothing kind of girl to being productive every single day of the month.

  • Are you getting FRUSTRATED with the inconsistent way your show up in business (either your own or someone else’s)?
  • Is PROCRASTINATION a real challenge that’s stopping you from achieving daily tasks?
  • Are you TIRED of beating yourself up for not achieving what you set out to?

NEWSFLASH! Have you ever considered whether your hormonal cycle is impacting all of the above?

I teach the principles of cycle tracking & how to align with each of the four phases so that women can achieve the 3Cs CLARITY, CONNECTION & CONTROL every day of the month.

Are you ready to unlock your superpower?

Watch my TEDx Talk on YouTube here

What I Do

I Coach.

I work with ambitious women in business (either their own business or someone else’s) on a 121 basis.

I also have a group programme designed specifically for women business owners (Ambitious Achievers) to incorporate their hormone cycle into their business operations to become more efficient and productive.

My style of coaching is a combination of teaching, mentoring and supporting people to unlock the potential of what’s already inside them, to allow them to achieve their goals, and more!

I Speak.

As a TEDx speaker I’m so proud to be able to spread my message on a platform as vast as YouTube.

But I also I love using a variety of speaking opportunities to share my message with a wider audience.  I’ve been a guest expert on podcasts, hosted workshops for networking groups and led presentations and workshops for businesses.

If you’re interested in featuring me in an event you have coming up, get in touch today to discuss the available options.

I Write.

Another great channel to share my message with a wider audience is by writing.

I enjoy writing on a variety of topics relating to hormonal cycle alignment and optimisation.

If you’re interested in featuring my content in a communications channel, get in touch today to discuss the available options.

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