What is a discovery call?

Discovery call’s are informal and fun, just like chatting to a friend.  

It is an opportunity for us to explore some of your challenges and areas where you aren’t achieving your goals as you’d like to be.  I asks questions to help you uncover what’s stopping you from achieving and provides insights as to how Hormonal Cycle Optimisation could be a potential solution for you.

There are no hard sales, but if both you and I think we could achieve amazing things by working together I will say so.

The call is done via video call and the technology is really easy to use.  Don’t worry if you’ve not done this before because I’ll guide you through each step.

And don’t forget there is no charge for a discovery call, so you have nothing to lose.

If you’re at the point of being ready to take action, but you’re unsure which direction to go in or what steps to take, then a discovery call is perfect for you to help you get some clarity on your future.

Why would a discovery call be a good idea?

Is this you?
  • Fed up of inconsistently showing up for yourself in your own business or someone else’s?
  • Experiencing exhaustion, frustration or overwhelm from working so hard but feeling as though you’re achieving very little?
  • Enjoying a few weeks of being super productive, confident and social followed by a few weeks of experiencing self doubt, procrastination or overwhelm?
  • Struggling to consistently maintain energy levels throughout the month?
  • Knowing what you need to do differently, but you can’t seem to make changes stick?
  • Struggling to maintain motivation in the absence of a clear goal or strategy that your daily work is aligned to?
If you’ve answered yes to any of the above, then a discovery call sounds like a good step for you to take right now!

What actually is coaching?

It’s basically conversations where I ask powerful questions which enable you to become clear on what is currently challenging you, before uncovering your goals and coming up with a plan to overcome those challenges and smash those goals.

I apply my signature success framework of the 3C’s (Clarity, Connection & Control) to teach you the principles of Hormonal Cycle Optimisation and support you through the process to incorporate these into your life as a mechanism for achieving success.

Coaching sessions are done via video call and the technology is really easy to use.  I like to use video because it doesn’t mean we are limited to a location, but it still allows us to build a coaching relationship as we work through your challenges and how these can be overcome.

Why makes me different from other coaches?

I have stood in your shoes.  A previous version of me was working to burnout every single month as I worked completely out of alignment with my hormonal cycles.  Putting in all the effort and just not getting anywhere.  I learnt about hormonal cycles and started to realise the effect they were having on me.  I started to make small changes and was blown away by the power I had to regain control of my life and wonderful things started happening for me.  I am now passionate about educating others to learn from my experiences to help them to achieve success in their own lives.

I am an accredited Coaching Master, Health Coach and Life Coach obtained from leading industry organisations.

I have a passion for continued learning and am currently studying to become a Neuro-Linguistic Programming Master so that I can continue to offer the best coaching service to my clients.

As a qualified Change Management Practitioner I have over 7 years of practical experience of managing the people side of change in the corporate world.  

With all of these combined skills I have a powerful set of tools to help you get from where you are today to where you want to be.

I am also a TEDx Speaker and you may hear me making guest appearances on Podcasts or writing articles.  Whilst it still doesn’t feel quite right to say it myself, I have been described as an expert in my field.

I create trusted relationships with my clients where they feel confident to open up in complete honesty, with confidence that I place no judgement on them.

I have a subtle contagious positivity and energy, with a ‘nothing is impossible’ attitude which inspires and motivates my clients to take action outside of the coaching sessions.

I may come across calm and gentle, however I sometimes need to be strong and direct in my communication to make sure my clients are kept accountable for their actions, but with my full support throughout their journey 

Worried about the investment?

My coaching programmes are affordable and I have payment plans to accommodate all budgets.

Think about what value you could place on the outcomes you can achieve from having me as your coach? 

How would it actually feel to live the consistently productive life you desire and what a thriving career could do for you mentally, physically and financially?

If you’re still unsure about the investment I have good news for you.  I have a completely no questions asked Money Back Guarantee.  If you are not happy for WHATEVER reason up to 30 days into the programme you can have 100% of your money back.

What results can you expect from coaching?

Results will vary depending on the challenges you are looking to overcome, but some examples are:

  • Clarity on your goals and how they can be achieved!
  • Consistently and effortlessly showing up for yourself in your career!
  • Feeling in control physically, mentally and emotionally!
  • The ability to predict how you’ll show up physically, mentally and emotionally on any given day!
  • Doing work tasks (particularly ones you have a love/ hate relationship with) seem so much easier than before!
  • Feeling more confident throughout the entire month despite hormonal fluctuations!
  • Improved collaboration with team members!
  • Better quality relationships!
  • Much improved self respect!
  • Getting that promotion you’ve been working towards or receiving new job offers!
  • Making more sales, resulting in more profit!
  • and so much more…

You deserve and are ready for this!

Congratulations on making the decision to come this far.

Click the button below to schedule your discovery call and begin taking action to get clarity on what you really want, connect with your own body and regain control of your life to achieve success.


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